I’ve never been a resolution kind of guy. New Year’s Day is too full of football, food, drink, family, friends, football, and a couple games of college football. I have no time for resolutions.

But anti-resolutions? Heck, yeah. I’ve got time for those. I can’t keep any actual resolutions so I might as well not keep any of these either.

Seriously. I don’t think we sit down often enough and reflect on our practice. To think about the hidden culture and unwritten rules that are part of our classrooms. And I’m convinced that no teacher wants to be ineffective. But I’m also convinced that we sometimes allow things to just happen in the middle of the year because we’re not paying attention.

So make a few anti-resolutions yourself. And then plan on breaking them.

never smile meme

Learning is a serious business and should be taken seriously. And I certainly don’t need to make any sort of personal connections with my students other than learning their ID numbers.

homework meme

Because . . . deep down kids love homework. Homework equals learning. So lots of paper worksheets and handouts equal lots of learning. Plus it’s easier to grade.

test meme

The questions will be based on chapter readings from the textbook. Final grades will be based on these test scores. That . . . and homework.

ben stein meme

Just me talking. Kids listening. And taking notes in appropriate outline format.

tech meme

Paper and pencil worked just fine for my generation. No need to text students, use social media, or use online tools for sharing / creating / collaborating.

Your anti-resolutions?