Disclosure Statement

Although I work for ESSDACK, an educational service center in Hutchinson, Kansas, all of the opinions, terrible grammar, weak thinking and poor judgment posted here belong to me. (I will also take credit for the occasionally brillant post or useful link.)

I will often suggest web sites, products and materials but have not yet taken money or products in kind for doing so. But as the brillant Doug Johnson says:

Now there is one big caveat to all of this. If the price were right, I would probably say just about anything. I am thinking $100K would pay off the mortgage, allow me to fill up both family motor vehicles at the same time, and get the LWW that new garbage disposal she’s been pining for. Cool.

I suspect it’s good for my professional reputation that I work in education where the profit margin is so small that the temptations just aren’t that tempting . . .

Hopefully you’ve learned (or will learn) to trust what I have to say. If you ever have a question, I expect you to call me on it.