Social Studies Standards

National Standards
There are many groups and organizations that publish national
standards; the ones listed below are among the most respected:

Civics / Government
Center For Civic Education
National Council on Economic Education
National Geographic Society
National Council for Geographic Education
Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies
National Center for History in the Schools
International Society for Technology in Education
International Technology Education Association

Standards for Success

Written by the Center for Educational Policy Research, this document is designed to answer one question: What must students know and be able to do in order to succeed in entry-level university courses?
National Center for Educational Statistics
Looking for data? Then start here! NCES is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data relating to education in the US.

State Standards
Curious about the Kansas State Social Studies standards? Final revisions to the standards were made in late 2005. They include improved instructional strategies and assorted appendixes. KSDE has also released a list of assessable indicators and flip charts with sample questions / teaching suggestions.

Kansas Educational Resource Center
The KERC contains tools for teachers to use in aligning classroom instruction and assessment to Kansas' academic standards
Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE)
CETE's Kansas Computerized Assessment site
The KCA project is developing and offering the online versions of the Kansas assessments, the mandated testing program in mathematics, science, social studies and reading. The online testing formats encompass the existing fixed test paper and pencil structure, as well as the future adaptive testing models.

Curious about what standards look like in other states?
EducationWorld: State Standards