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After 15 years in the classroom, I now get the chance to support and encourage innovative instruction.

C4 Framework

The C4 Framework focuses on four themes – Collect, Collaborate, Create and Communicate – that can help you design high-quality instruction.


My podcasts are a lot like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – it’s the best of both social studies instruction and tech integration.

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  • October 14 Using the C4 Framework in the SS Classroom
  • October 26 – 27 KSDE conference
  • November 11-14 NSSSA / NCSS conference
  • December 15 Preparing for the State Assessment
  • January 4 Discovery Magnet Conference Wichita
  • January 5 Google Earth and Social Studies Olathe
  • February METC conference St Charles
  • February MCSS conference Columbia
  • March MACE conference Manhattan
  • April National Council for History Education conference Niagara Falls
  • June ISTE conference Denver
  • June Keynote St Vrain tech conference Fort Collins
  • June Keynote Educational Leadership Conference Clarion PA