Social Studies Standards Series: History

Kansas state social studies assessments are coming soon. Are you ready? During this workshop, participants will experience engaging hands-on lessons that address the standards including online history simulations, writing exercises and brain-based learning. Participants will leave with access to resources to support teaching and learning of both tested and non-tested state indicators in Kansas, US and World history.


Presentation Handouts


Workshop Resources

PBS List of Boston Massacre witnesses
Captain Preston's Boston Massacre account
Anonymous Boston Massacre account
Visions of the Dust lesson plan

Kan-Ed Empowered Desktop / netTrekker
National Archives for Educators
Library of Congress for Teachers
Internet History Sourcebooks
Smithsonian for Educators
Edsitement lessons
ThinkFinity lessons
Mr. Donn's lessons
New York Times lessons
History Matters
Digital History
Center for History and the New Media

Otzi the Iceman HD images
Artistic Interpretations of the Signing of the Constitution
Who's Who at the Signing
I Smelt a Rat investigation
Separate is Not Equal

Google Search Story Video Creator
Writing a History Essay

Literacy strategies

Language Strategies for Social Science
Strategies for integrating language and literacy learning from Stanford University
Literacy in Social Studies
Some useful links and tutorials
ReadingQuest: Making Sense in Social Studies
For teachers who wish to more effectively engage their students
Reading Strategies for the Social Studies Classroom
Use these practice activities to help struggling readers with comprehension
Strategies in Action: Being a Strategic Teacher of Social Studies
Over 100 helpful ideas
Editable Graphic Organizers

Google Earth
Google Earth
Google Earth Gallery
Google Earth User Guide
Google’s Lat Long Blog
Google Earth Lesson Plans
Google Earth Blog
Google Earth Hacks
Google Lit Trips
Google Earth Education Community
Glenn’s Google Earth links

PhotoStory 3

Primary Sources
Winged Sandals
Studying Greek mythology? Try out this very interactive site. Neat animations with games and activities
Little Horus
Egyptian web site designed and developed specially for kids
Medieval Sourcebook
Medieval History sites
Ancient History sites
Our Documents
Primary Documents page at Social Studies Central
Jefferson's West - Lewis & Clark Expedition
Lewis & Clark resources
Lewis & Clark from PBS

Video Games
Stop Disasters
You Are the Historian
Team Treks
Third World Farmer
Real Lives
Traveler IQ
The Forbidden City
Virtual History: Settling America
Discover Babylon

Budget Hero