Seeing is Believing: Using Google Earth to Improve Learning

Google Earth is free software that lets us see the world in brand new ways. The beauty is that it works at every grade level and in all content areas. Travel to the Great Pyramids, analyze live earthquake data, compare before and after images of deforestation or integrate literature and social studies. It’s the Swiss army knife of instructional tools!

But how best to use it to improve learning? During this presentation, Glenn will demo the Google Earth interface, provide opportunities to explore the many capabilities of Google Earth, look at existing Google Earth tours and illustrate how to easily create your own. You’ll walk away with practical ideas, lesson plans and resources!


Presentation Handouts

Activity answers
Placemark HTML Template (PDF)
Las Vegas Math (homework)
Migration Patterns of 4th Graders (teacher presentations)
8 Wonders of Kansas (assessment)
Kite Runner (cross-content integration)


Google Earth / Google Maps Resources
Google Earth
Google Earth User Guide / Tutorials
Google Earth Gallery
Google Earth for Educators
Google’s Lat Long Blog

Feeling ambitious?
Use pre-built templates - Building Better Ballons
Google Earth Outreach Tutorial - Creating an Immersive User Experience
Or try using the Google Outreach spreadsheet template to create very professional looking tours! (View this how-to video)

Teaching Resources & Samples
Google Earth Lesson Plans
Google Earth Blog
Google Earth Hacks
Google Lit Trips
50 Exciting Google Earth Ideas for the Classroom

Google Earth in the Classroom
Google Earth Education Community
Google Earth lessons & resources
Teaching with Google Earth
My Reading Mapped

Google Tour Builder