My Reading Mapped
Historic events in the form of interactive Google Maps
CIA World Factbook
Great info on every country around the world
Country Information
Reports and publications arranged by country from the International Monetary Fund
Country Reports
More than 26,000 pages of statistical data and cultural information
Use GPS to find treasures
Geo stats of all kinds
Information USA
Info American society, political processes, official U.S. policies & culture from US State Department
Kansas Geographic Alliance
Lots of lesson plans, Kansas maps, and grant info
Kansas Geological Survey
Info laden page with maps, documents, instructional aids
A Kid’s Guide to Famous US Landmarks
List of places designed for kids.
Lonely Planet
Travel site with useful geography resources and a neat tool called WorldGuide.
Mapping History
Interactive and animated representations of historical problems and events
Maps: Finding Our Place in the World
Maps and mapmaking from Chicago’s Field Museum

My Wonderful World
National Geo campaign to expand geographic awareness
Generate graphs / charts using huge database
Portals to the World
In-depth country information from the Library of Congress
Find / compare US state data with charts, maps, graphs and scatterplots
United Nations CyberSchoolBus
Wonderful resource full of data, maps, lesson plans, games, multi-media resources, documents
World Atlas
Highest lowest biggest smallest tallest deepest oldest youngest and more list
World Heritage Tour
Virtual panoramas of UN World Heritage sites
Constantly updates world data on population, economics, education, environment, etc
Lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D

fav 1Google Earth
Free tool that allows you to create tours, zoom in, pan, and fly from place to place

fav 2US Geological Survey’s Learning Web
Activities, maps, teacher guides, student pages, and lesson plans

fav 3Map Machine 
Find nearly any place on Earth and view it by population, climate, and much more

fav 4MappingWorlds
A new way to look at the world by resizing countries in relation to a series of global issues

fav 5100+ Map and Chart Visuals That Jump-start Discussion
These work great as writing prompts, hook activities to introduce units and lessons, resources for research, basic geography skills, part of PBL projects, or to simply act as a sweet way to jump-start a current events discussion