Kansas History

Center for Great Plains Studies Home Page
Emporia State University sponsors this site with resources & info on seminars and classes
Heartland Photo Essays
Washburn University’s Carol Yoho has created this site of several thousand Kansas photos
Kansas Genealogy
“Putting Kansas genealogy on the web” with census data, links to local museums, and a new section on educational data
Kansas Geological Survey
Info laden page with maps, documents, instructional aids. Nice use of your tax dollars!
Kansas Heritage Center of Dodge City
A great place to find Kansas related resources, books, and materials
Kansas History – Tales Out of School
Tales is a newsletter geared toward teachers of Kansas history, this is the online version. A variety of subjects related to teaching Kansas history appear here. Each issue emphasizes a topic, teaching technique, or activity

Kansas History Web Sites
Created by the University of Kansas, an extensive list in a variety of content
Kansas Journal Entries
The Kansas State Historical Society has posted the few Lewis & Clark journal entries dealing specifically with the time that the expedition spent in Kansas
Kansas Sampler Foundation
The We Kan! network and newsletter connects rural community leaders and supporters statewide in efforts to strengthen towns at the grassroots level
Kansas State History & Information
Good overview with helpful links
Territorial Kansas
Virtual repository for Kansas territory history
Things to do in Kansas
Nice page for fun stuff

fav 1Territorial Kansas Online
Digitized photos and other primary source documents in a searchable database. Lesson plans aligned to Kansas state standards are also included

fav 2Kansas State Historical Society: Education Portal
Downloadable activities and classroom materials that meet the state’s history standards

fav 3Kansas Collection
The voices of the past are heard again in KanColl, through nearly-lost books, letters, diaries, photographs, and other materials

fav 4The Kansas Heritage Server
Devoted to digitally preserving Kansas’ past, giving future generations the opportunity to learn from family and local history

fav 5Kansas Memory
Created by the Kansas State Historical Society to share its historical collections via the Internet