Featured Product: Evidence Analysis Window Frame

We often ask students to analyze evidence and to think historically. But these are skills that often need scaffolding. So we’ve printed historical thinking questions along the edges of heavy duty plastic sheets that your students place on top of photos, documents, maps, political cartoons, and other pieces of evidence. Kids then use dry erase or overhead pens to connect historical thinking questions with evidence found in the document.

This Evidence Analysis Window Frame combines critical thinking with a visual, tactile activity that is great for encouraging historical thinking, developing analysis abilities, and supporting literacy skills. Use the Window Frame questions to create writing prompts and extend learning beyond the document analysis activity. You can use the Window Frame individually, in small groups, or whole group to model historical thinking skills.

This is the one sided version of the Window Frame – printed on 10 mil erasable plastic. We’ve leveled the historical thinking questions, so you can get the Frame in either Elementary or Secondary versions. Purchase Window Frames in sets of five or in a classroom set of 25.

I love how the questions promote historical thinking and make it simple for students to follow. Great for training students at the first of the year and assessing their ability to analyze documents as the year progresses. Definitely one of my top teaching tools!

Jill Weber

Teacher, Cheney Middle School

The Window Frame engages students and is an excellent springboard to class discussions about a primary source by giving them the freedom to explore the source on their own with some structure that makes that exploration meaningful.  Best of all – students like using it.  Make sure students get to the last two questions on the second side of the Premium version – everything builds up to them.

Jon Bauer

Teacher, St. John High School

was $4.75 for single
$8.75 set of 5
$37.50 class set of 25

Elementary version

Secondary version

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25 Days of History Tech is a daily email message that is personalized to your schedule. During the week for five weeks, you’ll get daily messages that automatically show up in your inbox. Each day focuses on a different discipline – history, economics, geography, civics, tech integration –  giving you the opportunity to integrate and adapt different content into whatever you and your students are working to understand.

The cool thing is that you get to decide when in your busy schedule to read and apply each message. Pick and choose the tools and ideas that work best and file the rest away for future reference.

The added bonus? After 25 days of Social Studies awesome, you can also apply for graduate college credit!



c4-logo-475The C4 Framework – Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate – gives you a structure for planning and implementing a cohesive instructional arc that supports a balance between process and content. We’ve created cards for each of the four elements that provide practical and research-based strategies that you can use immediately as part of your instruction. Purchase a set of four cards from each of the four elements or save money by purchasing complete sets of 16 cards i.e. four Collect cards, four Collaborate cards, four Create cards, and four Communicate cards.

Want to browse through a sample card? Go here.

$6.00 for one set (4 cards)
$20.00 for complete set (16 cards)