The Problem is the Solution

How can we engage our students at deep levels so true learning occurs?

The answer is simple. Brain researchers and educational leaders such James Zull and Robert Marzano are all saying the same thing. Develop your instructional units around the mysteries of history, provide the resources needed to solve the problem and let your kids go! We will use resources from the Buck Institute and others to focus on both the theory and implementation of Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

Who killed the Iceman? What really happened at the Battle of the Little Big Horn? What became of the lost colony of Roanoke? Who was the Man in the Iron Mask? How did Cortez conquer the Aztecs? Teachers can use these and mysteries like them to focus student attention AND meet state standards by using the technigues and strategies of PBL. During this workshop, Glenn will share current research, suggest different resources, provide some examples and give you time to begin constructing your own PBL unit.