Let me inspire you and your teachers

After teaching in both secondary & college classrooms, I now spend my time as an education and technology consultant excited about the learning process and the power we have as agents of change in shaping that process.

And I want to help you and your staff unlock that power.

My educational career began at Derby Middle School, finding ways to help thirteen year olds enjoy American History. I earned a Master’s in American History in 1995 and continued developing innovative practices and sharing them with my students. That was followed by five years working in higher education, designing effective instruction and integrating video games into social science classrooms at Tabor College. I now travel across the country as an ESSDACK education specialist providing keynotes, presentations, and curriculum development.

I believe that learning should be more than cute and engaging activities.

Our task is simple – preparing kids to think critically and to have the skills needed to be effective citizens.

glenn and bookUsing visuals, stories, and an animated personality, I create an enjoyable and energetic learning environment that one participant called “connectable.” The most effective sessions are those that build relationships between my audience, myself, and the content while building capacity. So my focus is always providing practical ideas coupled with research that teachers and administrators can use to improve the learning process. My C4 Framework – Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate – provides a structure for all of my workshops and presentations.

My love for social studies was kindled in elementary school when I fell in love with my first National Geographic map. Even at a young age, I was beginning to understand what Robert Louis Stevenson meant when he described his treasure map as having the “power of infinite, eloquent suggestion.” My passion for history and the social studies continued to grow and is now expressed in sharing that passion with others.

I write almost daily at History Tech, a 2014 Edublog finalist, and maintain Social Studies Central, a repository of resources targeted at K-12 educators cited in national professional journals. You can find my published articles in the National Social Studies Supervisors Association journal and the website Teaching History. I have also had the chance to help author numerous discipline specific curricula.

Starting in 2013, I acted as co-chair for the Kansas social standards writing and assessment committee and am currently president of the Kansas Council for the Social Studies. As director of two US Department of Education Teaching American History grants, I introduced the use of mobile learning technology to middle and high school teachers. Currently I’m hooked on finding effective ways of integrating virtual reality into instruction and have piloted a variety of video games and simulations. I also travel frequently to assist schools as they integrate Apple and Google products.




Keynote Topics

Historical Thinking and Other Strategies for Combating Fake News 
Learning should be more than simply memorizing facts and data. Our true task is to develop informed, knowledgeable, and engaged students that make the world a better place.

Thinking Historically: Strategies for Integrating Evidence
 and Increasing Literacy
We know historical thinking is good for kids but what does it look like in practice?

Having Fun is a Good Thing: Play as Essential for Learning

Many teachers now understand that tabletop games, video games, and simulations can help encourage high levels of learning. What does the research tell us about how to integrate these tools into our instruction?

Three Simple Steps to Creating Your Digital Legacy

Teachers and students don’t think enough about their online presence. Learn to control your footprint and the legacy you leave behind.

Creating Academic Discomfort: The Problem is the Solution

School should be about developing great questions, not providing easy answers. Let’s explore the possibilities when things aren’t easy and when kids are doing the learning, not us.

New Literacies for Successful Citizens

This is not your grandparents’ reading, writing, and communicating. Today’s world is desperate for people who understand more than just nouns and verbs – your students need to evaluate, design, create, and manage information.

Google Awesomeness: Easy, Effective, Engaging
The Google world is full of useful tools and resources. Go beyond the basics and explore the possibilities for high quality teaching and learning.

Developing Globally Component Kids: Best Practices in Shaping K-12 World Views
To be successful in higher education and the workplace, 21st century learners must be globally literate – thinking critically about the world and their role in it, understanding cross-cultural relationships, and taking informed action.

(Get a more complete list of presentations, workshops, and publications here.)

Possible Breakout Sessions

Social Studies

  • 3D History: Virtual Reality in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Integrating the Common Core into the Social Studies Classroom
  • Reading and Writing in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Google Earth: Seeing is Believing
  • The Problem is the Solution: PBL in the Social Studies
  • Using Primary Sources in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Using Technology to Teach Social Studies
  • 21st Century Tools for Social Studies Teachers
  • Under-Appreciated Google Tools for Social Studies Teachers


  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Across the Content
  • Google Tools, Tips, and Tricks
  • Video Games as Learning Engines
  • ePUBs, Digital Materials, and the Modern Classroom
  • Integrating Apple Tools as Part of Your Instruction
  • Mobile Devices as Teaching and Learning Tools
  • 30 Tech Tips in 60 Minutes
  • Social Media for Educators

glenn at ww1

Recent Keynotes & Presentations

  • National Social Studies Supervisors Association Conference
    Emerging Technologies and the NCSS Inquiry Arc
    San Francisco
    November 2017
  • Kansas Council for the Social Studies Conference
    Social Studies & ELA: Mashing Up the Literacies
    Wichita KS
    November 2017
  • Kileen Social Studies Academy
    Historical Thinking in the 21st Century
    Kileen TX
    August 2017
  • ElevateEd
    Creating Academic Discomfort: The Problem is the Solution
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    July 2017
  • KSDE Summer Academy
    Fake News: It’s a Real Thing
    Topeka, KS
    June 2017
  • MACE Conference
    VR and AR Across the Content
    Manhattan, KS
    March 2017
  • National Social Studies Supervisors Association / National COuncil for the Social Studies
    3D History: VR in the Social Studies Classroom
    Washington DC
    November 2016
  • ISTE
    Google Tools and 21st Century Social Studies
    Denver, CO
    June 2016
  • National Council for History Education Conference
    Google Maps in the History Classroom: Easy, Effective, Engaging
    Niagara Falls, New York
    April 2016
  • Missouri Council for the Social Studies Conference
    Google Apps, Literacy Integration, and the C3 Framework
    Columbus, Missouri
    February 2016
  • Midwest Educational Technology Conference
    Content Management and Collaboration Without the Paper and Pencil
    St Charles, Missouri
    February 2016
  • Discovery Magnet Conference
    Five Under-appreciated Google Tools That Improve Literacy
    Wichita, Kansas
    January 2016
  • National Social Studies Supervisors Council / National Council for the Social Studies Conference
    Technology and Literacy Aligned to the Inquiry Arc
    New Orleans, LA
    November 2015
  • Kansas State Social Studies Conference
    Five Under-Appreciated Google Tools: Easy, Effective, Engaging
    Topeka, Kansas
    November 2015
  • South Dakota State Library Conference Keynote
    Digging Deeper into Primary Sources II
    Pierre, South Dakota
    November 2015
  • Kansas State Department of Education Annual Conference
    Thinking Historically: Strategies for Effective ELA Integration
    Wichita, Kansas
    October 2015
  • Games and Learning Conference Keynote
    Play is a Good Thing
    MidAmerica Nazarene University
    July 2015
  • Podstock 2015 Closing Keynote
    Creating Learners, Not Widgets
    Wichita, Kansas
    July 2015

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Wow! What a great session you gave our audience on Friday! You got them engaged right from the start and they gobbled up your information like hungry children!

South Dakota State Librarian

It’s truly been a pleasure! Your insights, examples & enthusiasm were a big hit with the audience. Thank you for a job well done!

TIES Colorado Conference Organizer

I really enjoyed Glenn! Very down to earth and helpful to those of us who are technically challenged.

Wink, Texas Teacher

Glenn was an outstanding trainer! My teachers loved him. A fast two days!

Omaha, Nebraska Administrator

I have trained teachers before and Glenn did an excellent job keeping everyone engaged and active. The pace of the workshop perfectly matched the skill levels of the participants. Glenn has a sense of humor that made the day fun. Thank you!

Sturgis, South Dakota Instructional Coach

I enjoyed learning from Glenn W. It was what we needed most. As a vet for almost 20 years, I am usually hard on presenters . . . he wasn’t one of them. Great job! Very informative!

Jackson, Mississippi Teacher

A huge THANK YOU for another amazing presentation! You made us think while giving us tools to use and sites to explore.

Digging Deeper Conference Organizer